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Unexpectedly gave me a computer Big and beautiful Toy At the time, I was still going to kindergarten At the computer was a small display and a great keyboard Launching it, I chose from the offered training programs the first and pushed the letter “M” ...Continue Reading

we had Valerie on the production, which constantly participated in the betting and joke He once came to work with shaved equals half face to the Right had a beard, mustache, and eyebrows all shaved And on the left Clearly dampened Here I am. when ...Continue Reading

Served in our part of captain Anton Kharitonov He had in two parts to serve, but his position was reduced In the end he came to us And so I asked him as Anton! And in those parts of the housing? Yeah neither in the ...Continue Reading

Because of the circumstances live a lifetime with…

circumstances all his life living with his grandfather who loves to tell all sorts of funny stories, here is one:“I went into the woods for cranberries. Sit, gather, watch the Raven arrived.— “Kar” — hear, delivers the sounds. Well, I’m worse?(Grandfather) — “CAW!”And that went on for five minutes. Then look — left, and in […]

Buddy works as a psychiatrist…

Buddy works as a psychiatrist the Main thread – not the patients, and komissionki for information on rights, weapon and etc to Start the day, comes a young man for help, the Doctor asks the basic questions, examines the thinking, memory and other parameters of the psyche in the Middle of the survey gives a […]

introduced the payment…

we Have in the office also introduced the payment system administrators according to the number of executed applications. And the main sysadmin is very fundamental. Betting on how he will behave: to score, to resign or to create the appearance of work. No one guessed. Crashes started to happen more often. But only those who […]

I was in hospital…

Lay in the hospital went Out into the yard to smoke Out of surgery type falls from our mouths with plaster on his leg and on crutches Well one take and, SPMI: 1: Hey, what are you doin ‘ here? He looked at my leg in a cast and decided to pick up the baton […]

Its most stupid…

His most stupid mistake in work as a nurse, I think the question is a heroin addict with five years ‘ experience: “You are not afraid of injections? ” P S For me this is a standard phrase for this manipulation because it happened and fainted and hysterical

A friend told…

Told a friend he had in the apartment Wi-Fi was called “anal_destroyer_666” Well, he likes how it seems, funny names a Neighbor, a very correct and pious, a woman of 45, seeing him in the stairwell, asked him to change the name of the Wi-Fi, that, by its wording, “gross visible for the whole house” […]

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