At a birthday party

At a birthday party, one of the guests asks the hostess: – Why has your cat been looking at me like that for the third hour? The hostess answers: “And he looks at everyone like that, who eats from his bowl.”

The wife found a husband with his mistress.

The wife found a husband with his mistress. I didn’t scandal, I just said: – Sit closer to each other, I will photograph you. At the monument!

Its the most stupid mistake in the work of a nurse…

His most stupid mistake in work as a nurse, I think the question is a heroin addict with five years ‘ experience: “You are not afraid of injections?”. PS For me this is a standard phrase for this manipulation because it happened and fainted and hysterical.

Pickled cabbage

Was visiting a mother-in-law with a test, three days I was fed and watered, and in the toilet big as shy go. In the morning before the bus, the test pours me a hundred grams and gives me a snack, sauerkraut made me whole bowl eat eat says very helpful, body with a hangover cleans […]

Eggz -2

Literally about fifteen minutes ago, on the advice of one cute creature, I tried to shove my eggs in the refrigerator. Its naturally eggs. Because even air conditioning in this heat does not save. Yes, and he is high, the air conditioner, even putting a chair on the bed, climbing on it and standing up […]

Once again convinced…

once again convinced of the truth of expression cuts both concediilor in karamolegos boy and an Adult male(possibly the father, but not positive)the Guy enthusiastically tells how he meets up with three girls, and each is sure that it is the only one Long monologue of Admiration for a Laugh at some girl – she […]

He worked with us a woman of about forty. Not…

Worked with us a woman of about forty. Not to say that blonde or hair color or intelligence in this category do not fall.A slender woman.Somehow decided to make a compliment, say, the wasp waist you have!She thought and pouted.The next day is not greeted.Ask, what hurt?– Of course, it hurt!– ???– I said yesterday […]