– When you, all so disheveled and in shorts with dinosaurs appeared in the room, I just smiled. But when you walked up to the window, Heil Hitler made it unclear to someone on the street, as if waiting for an answer, he stood a little with a thoughtful look, and then he went to bed with a satisfied one — I JUST DROPPED UP TO SEDIMENT !!!

I put on panties and leave the bathroom to the room where my is waiting for me under a blanket. Before getting into bed, I walk up to the window – check if there is a draft from a slightly open window. I bring my hand to the window, standing, listening to the sensations – everything seems to be super, blowing a little bit, you can climb into bed.
I lay down and turn to my wife and see how she twitches and already snores contentiously laughing. Well, I looked around (I didn’t put the panties inside out), and then I asked her carefully – “What are you laughing at?”. She told:

Was in the house…

was in a rest home In the dining room at a table with me sat a couple and a guy from Moscow Through the day, it came all wrinkled, with red eyes Said that he had met the former chief, the house of rest was departmental That immediately put the question bluntly: Is necessary to […]

The captains of the Russian

The captains of the Russian, German and American ships argue, whose sailors are the most courageous. The American orders his sailor to climb to the very top of the mast and jump into the water, he performs. The German orders his – to climb there, but jump onto the deck. He performs, almost killed. The […]

Recently, his wife…

recently, his wife worked with children of 4. 5 years (triplets) In one of the tasks needed from four pictures (truck-garbage truck, taxi, bus, and aircraft) needed to remove excess and to explain why it is an extra Two kids as well and my wife and I pulled the plane as it flies a car […]

Our company has many poles. Yesterday…

our company has many poles. Yesterday Grzesiek told me how to celebrate March 8 in Poland. All men come to work with a bouquet of flowers, take one flower and go to some lady colleague. Pozdravlayut and handed her the flower. The Council on congratulations lady pulls out from under the table a bottle of […]


But this is so, retreat, and But this is so, retreat, and now imagine – a suburban electric train, full of people, in the middle of the car sits a group of decent-looking uncles (not a bit similar to drug addicts) and leads the following conversation: “Can you imagine the people, the deer have already […]

Pickled cabbage

Was visiting a mother-in-law with a test, three days I was fed and watered, and in the toilet big as shy go. In the morning before the bus, the test pours me a hundred grams and gives me a snack, sauerkraut made me whole bowl eat eat says very helpful, body with a hangover cleans […]