– Doctor, I beg you, come immediately. My has a strong attack of appendicitis! – Do not worry. Two years ago, I performed an operation on your and removed the blind appendage. A person cannot get a second appendix! – That’s right, doctor. But a man may have a second .

why I spent the night on the Internet

I went with my daughter to the country, by public transport (bus, subway, train). I was carrying only one bag and was horrified at how badly I felt: my hands fall off, my legs barely pull along, and why I spent the night on the Internet. When I finally got into the electric train, I […]

Two things pay off…

Two things pay off in this life and encyclopedic knowledge and Christian attitude towards others In the train sitting opposite and was studying a crossword puzzle, two police officers were in an intellectual impasse, faced with a French artist-impressionist of the four letters they chestnyagi, not Google And I think all the people Degas, say […]

I happened to overhear at work…

Happened to me the other day to overhear at work as a colleague share with friends a piece of home in the evening, it went something like this: Yesterday I went to the room to the son, the first grader, look it in the computer plays, is something after the level has passed there the […]

At a birthday party

At a birthday party, one of the guests asks the hostess: – Why has your cat been looking at me like that for the third hour? The hostess answers: “And he looks at everyone like that, who eats from his bowl.”

The end of the 90s,…

the Late 90s, Astana, the Intersection of Republic Avenue and Abay street Going to lunch break from the House of trade unions in the Home life, into the dining room not bothering Anyone, is set peacefully Floats towards the Gypsy matron with the words cross my palm with silver, young, tell the whole truth! N […]

I was in hospital…

Lay in the hospital went Out into the yard to smoke Out of surgery type falls from our mouths with plaster on his leg and on crutches Well one take and, SPMI: 1: Hey, what are you doin ‘ here? He looked at my leg in a cast and decided to pick up the baton […]