It happened to me…

Happened to me the other day to overhear at as a colleague share with a piece of in the evening, it went something like this: yesterday I went to the room to the son, the first grader, look it in the computer plays, is something after the level has passed there the story began, but the text, which is still flying quite fast from the bottom up, hear as he mutters under his breath quickly as a machine gun, I asked him, “Son, when you learned to read so quick? “, and he’s not taking his eyes from the monitor and not losing concentration says: “I have, MOTHER! ”

introduced the payment…

we Have in the office also introduced the payment system administrators according to the number of executed applications. And the main sysadmin is very fundamental. Betting on how he will behave: to score, to resign or to create the appearance of work. No one guessed. Crashes started to happen more often. But only those who […]

The wife found a husband with his mistress.

The wife found a husband with his mistress. I didn’t scandal, I just said: – Sit closer to each other, I will photograph you. At the monument!

At a birthday party

At a birthday party, one of the guests asks the hostess: – Why has your cat been looking at me like that for the third hour? The hostess answers: “And he looks at everyone like that, who eats from his bowl.”


After I was told that the appearance of my eggs resembled the look of an old Rastaman, I decided to take a decisive step and buy this depilatory gel, because previous attempts at shaving were not crowned with particular success, and besides I didn’t kill my back, trying to get and reach out to particularly […]

The office building…

the office building on the porch nervously Smoking two candidates for a vacancy of One another: -? – Took Whew > > > damn!! OK so everything was going great and then Bang, and he wants to know how I feel about the annexation of Crimea? I can honestly say that this is all the […]

Did a complicated device…

did a difficult fixture At a certain stage of disagreement – how to be that marriage does not run into Came head: -Do so! -So, here the condition is -Do I said!! Do Sobrecalentarse: -Well, why were you listening to me I simply advised Your mother

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