Going mother-in-law for a taxi from the station to…

mother-in-law Rides in a taxi from the station to the garden. And the taxi driver is chatty fun guy, someone sometimes the conversation moves in a monologue. Sees a woman sitting kind of sad, silent something. So it is necessary to to be funny.

– Oh, and you know what happens now, what’s going on?
– ….
– Here, in St. Nicholas, a big house on fire. You going there for?
– I wonder whose it is?
– My…

A further way in sympathetic silence on the part of the driver.
Money, by the way, the taxi driver did not take.


After I was told that the appearance of my eggs resembled the look of an old Rastaman, I decided to take a decisive step and buy this depilatory gel, because previous attempts at shaving were not crowned with particular success, and besides I didn’t kill my back, trying to get and reach out to particularly […]

Buddy works as a psychiatrist…

Buddy works as a psychiatrist the Main thread – not the patients, and komissionki for information on rights, weapon and etc to Start the day, comes a young man for help, the Doctor asks the basic questions, examines the thinking, memory and other parameters of the psyche in the Middle of the survey gives a […]


Some city way video

Two things pay off…

Two things pay off in this life and encyclopedic knowledge and Christian attitude towards others In the train sitting opposite and was studying a crossword puzzle, two police officers were in an intellectual impasse, faced with a French artist-impressionist of the four letters they chestnyagi, not Google And I think all the people Degas, say […]

Recently, his wife…

recently, his wife worked with children of 4. 5 years (triplets) In one of the tasks needed from four pictures (truck-garbage truck, taxi, bus, and aircraft) needed to remove excess and to explain why it is an extra Two kids as well and my wife and I pulled the plane as it flies a car […]


– Doctor, I beg you, come immediately. My wife has a strong attack of appendicitis! – Do not worry. Two years ago, I performed an operation on your wife and removed the blind appendage. A person cannot get a second appendix! – That’s right, doctor. But a man may have a second wife.

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