Eggz -2

Literally about fifteen minutes ago, on the advice of one creature, I tried to shove my eggs in the refrigerator. Its naturally eggs. Because even air conditioning in this heat does not save. Yes, and he is high, the air conditioner, even putting a chair on the bed, climbing on it and standing up with cancer to the air conditioner, does not finish the cold stream to the eggs. And it’s scary to climb higher – so all the bones are bent. Other methods also do not really save – the water is cold, stsuka, warm, and to blow eggs with hot air with the help of a vane, stsuka, is uncomfortable. In the end – listened to the advice.
And now, moving away from the shock, I tell.

To the question, I fit the quality, i.e. with wit and professionalism. I have a small refrigerator with a conventional camera and a freezer. The first thought that came to mind was to stick the eggs in the freezer. It is reasonable to assume that along with the ass eggs do not fit (I have frozen dumplings there since last year – I could not tear them off), and it’s not decent to put your bare ass in the freezer, I decided to hang the eggs in the freezer. How? Very simple. My acrobatic experience suggested that I should remove the microwave from the refrigerator, put a chair in the refrigerator, stand with one foot on it, and throw the other on the refrigerator.
In theory, everything seems to be simple. I did everything right, raskoryachilsya over your favorite refrigerator (if someone saw, you would certainly think that I want to fuck him dirty), opened the door of the freezer and gently hung his precious and evaporated eggs into the resulting gap. They were pleasantly doused with cold and I prikifel.
And suddenly this fucking phone rang! I automatically jerked and with my lower leg, which was on the chair, I crushed the freezer door. Strongly so crushed. Naturally, from the pain in the eggs pinched by the door, reflexively began to move the legs, and the second leg, as you remember, on the refrigerator. The result – even more pressed on the door. Then my first horror slipped when I presented my severed eggs at lightning speed in the freezer. And then he began to fall on his side! Here I already had the horror not flashed, and fuck, completely embraced!
Imagine, in the quartet, they find the dead dude on the kitchen floor, and his eggs are frozen in the freezer! Detective, fuck! And the killer will never be found! And they will look for it, because no one except me, of course, will be able to first tear off his eggs, then remove them in the freezer, and then kill himself with his head on the floor!
But everything worked out. I hung on the freezer door, pushed my lower leg so that it opened and roared to the floor along with the refrigerator.
And you know what was the first thought? “Fuck! Finally dumplings fell out!”

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