Once again convinced…

once again convinced of the truth of expression cuts both concediilor in karamolegos boy and an Adult male(possibly the father, but not positive)the Guy enthusiastically tells how he meets up with three girls, and each is sure that it is the only one Long monologue of Admiration for a Laugh at some – she thinks she’s my only one! A grown man philosophically listened Sighed and said In – And you togam – I? In – I Think that the only………… Curtain

the cucumbers

Also fat goon. In the next compartment – drunk. I am settled, I’m going, I fell asleep. And suddenly I wake up from the sharply increased pressure in my ass. Well, I think, the cucumbers with herring have arrived, I will go to freedom. And the train has just departed from some Zazhopinsk and is […]

Going mother-in-law… mother-in-law

Goes by a taxi from the station to the garden And the taxi driver is chatty fun guy, someone sometimes the conversation moves in the monologue Sees a woman sitting kind of sad, silent Means something need to talk – cheer – Oh, and you know what happens now, what the hell? — Here, in […]

He worked with us a woman of about forty. Not…

Worked with us a woman of about forty. Not to say that blonde or hair color or intelligence in this category do not fall.A slender woman.Somehow decided to make a compliment, say, the wasp waist you have!She thought and pouted.The next day is not greeted.Ask, what hurt?– Of course, it hurt!– ???– I said yesterday […]

Traffic cop

I passed a week ago on the right (myself). And yesterday, the first traffic cop got in my way. He waved his stick. I was agitated, stopped on the sidelines. He walks to the car and asks for documents. I’m serving. He tells me that I did not turn on the light and asked to […]

Go to work…

Go home, already dark on the streets (winter) I See the meeting is a handsome girl, listening to music through headphones, and for a lucky tubing ( where no one sits, I Decided to show off his sense of humor and say to her: “the Girl you lost child” is She stops, takes out the […]

A friend told…

Told a friend he had in the apartment Wi-Fi was called “anal_destroyer_666” Well, he likes how it seems, funny names a Neighbor, a very correct and pious, a woman of 45, seeing him in the stairwell, asked him to change the name of the Wi-Fi, that, by its wording, “gross visible for the whole house” […]

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