introduced the payment…

we Have in the also introduced the payment system administrators according to the number of executed applications. And the main sysadmin is very fundamental. Betting on how he will behave: to score, to resign or to create the appearance of .
No one guessed.

Crashes started to happen more often. But only those who supported the transition to the new payment system. So much so that he even beat out prize.

Pickled cabbage

Was visiting a mother-in-law with a test, three days I was fed and watered, and in the toilet big as shy go. In the morning before the bus, the test pours me a hundred grams and gives me a snack, sauerkraut made me whole bowl eat eat says very helpful, body with a hangover cleans […]

why I spent the night on the Internet

I went with my daughter to the country, by public transport (bus, subway, train). I was carrying only one bag and was horrified at how badly I felt: my hands fall off, my legs barely pull along, and why I spent the night on the Internet. When I finally got into the electric train, I […]

Was in the house…

was in a rest home In the dining room at a table with me sat a couple and a guy from Moscow Through the day, it came all wrinkled, with red eyes Said that he had met the former chief, the house of rest was departmental That immediately put the question bluntly: Is necessary to […]

Junior my son is very jealous. …

Youngest son have me very jealous. From an early age demanded a lot of attention. As soon as he began to speak,asked the question “who I love more him or his older brother?”. First, try to explain that I love both equally. But such answer did not suit and he was throwing tantrums. And if […]

The wife found a husband with his mistress.

The wife found a husband with his mistress. I didn’t scandal, I just said: – Sit closer to each other, I will photograph you. At the monument!

Biology teacher: so! What…

biology Teacher: so! What will you do if you hurt his throat and he’s bleeding? Student: Harness tighten as much as possible! Teacher: Where? Student: On the neck

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