Buddy works as a psychiatrist…

Buddy works as a psychiatrist the Main thread – not the patients, and komissionki for information on rights, weapon and etc to Start the day, comes a young man for help, the Doctor asks the basic questions, examines the thinking, memory and other parameters of the psyche in the Middle of the survey gives a guy in all seriousness the particular phrase: “Doctor, look out for SOMETHING worth it! ” The man stops, puts the pen almost ready to help and looks at guy with a look of complete bewilderment and wariness After Mat pause, the doctor starts to ask questions like how long has he someone sees how it looks, what it says? The smile slips from the face to the guy, he is trying to justify the 1st of April, they say the same joke But to no avail: a detailed survey, testing, and all this in the presence of a medical Commission including the head of the polyclinic Help given, but the guy left the room on trembling legs and slightly stammering Doshutilis

Going mother-in-law for a taxi from the station to…

mother-in-law Rides in a taxi from the station to the garden. And the taxi driver is chatty fun guy, someone sometimes the conversation moves in a monologue. Sees a woman sitting kind of sad, silent something. So it is necessary to talk to be funny. – Oh, and you know what happens now, what’s going […]


After I was told that the appearance of my eggs resembled the look of an old Rastaman, I decided to take a decisive step and buy this depilatory gel, because previous attempts at shaving were not crowned with particular success, and besides I didn’t kill my back, trying to get and reach out to particularly […]

Did a complicated device…

did a difficult fixture At a certain stage of disagreement – how to be that marriage does not run into Came head: -Do so! -So, here the condition is -Do I said!! Do Sobrecalentarse: -Well, why were you listening to me I simply advised Your mother

At a birthday party

At a birthday party, one of the guests asks the hostess: – Why has your cat been looking at me like that for the third hour? The hostess answers: “And he looks at everyone like that, who eats from his bowl.”

I remembered that I…

Remembered that my colleague-programmer 15 years ago told me how he called the ad “Need a programmer C++, Visual Basic, SQL”, asks what the job is his answer: – it is Necessary faxes programming – why? – It is necessary before sending customers to drive into the memory of the Fax numbers – And you […]

the cucumbers

Also fat goon. In the next compartment – drunk. I am settled, I’m going, I fell asleep. And suddenly I wake up from the sharply increased pressure in my ass. Well, I think, the cucumbers with herring have arrived, I will go to freedom. And the train has just departed from some Zazhopinsk and is […]

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