Ribopyranose this topic…

Ribopyranose this is the theme I Have now has a Chinese version of this beast and he’s fucking his bottom sensors fall in case you can not remember your and this leads to the situation that would have pleased Nietzsche the Steps I have, but in the hall there’s a rug with small areas of black (well, the coloring of this) He runs into them, stops dead and starts yelling that will not budge because he sees a gap under It, a small round piece of plastic and zelenock, looking at such a trivial thing as the carpet and sees Nothing Great tech Support advised me to seal the particular sensors chemnet Belenky and now he happily rides on the carpet But I know that blinded him plus deprived of something existential

Standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus, too…

Standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus, already 20 minutes. With me is a guy. At some point he decides to smoke – pulls out cigarette and lighter, to the edge of the road, peering in search of the bus and a couple of times defiantly flips a lighter on providenti hand. Nothing […]

Pink Floyd

Once upon a time, a year, approximately, in 1985, a neighbor gave me a stick for smoked sausage and two imported audio tapes for my birthday. At first I thought they were clean, but in some places the voices of the children and some screams were recorded. And only a few years later I realized […]

It happened to me…

Happened to me the other day to overhear at work as a colleague share with friends a piece of home in the evening, it went something like this: yesterday I went to the room to the son, the first grader, look it in the computer plays, is something after the level has passed there the […]

Traffic cop

I passed a week ago on the right (myself). And yesterday, the first traffic cop got in my way. He waved his stick. I was agitated, stopped on the sidelines. He walks to the car and asks for documents. I’m serving. He tells me that I did not turn on the light and asked to […]

We know a daughter…

we know a daughter while walking rides gyrometer and listens to music via wireless headphones All anything, only the headphones connected to the phone, which is the parents If the child goes too far, the signal disappears and she pulls closer to parents! Here it is, the leash of the XXI century!


Some city way video

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