Its most stupid…

His most stupid mistake in as a nurse, I think the question is a heroin addict with five years ‘ experience: “You are not afraid of injections? ” P S For me this is a standard phrase for this manipulation because it happened and fainted and hysterical

Work in… Work

112 112 once a colleague has taken the following call (To a colleague, S – applicant): K – 112, the operator is so-and-so, listen to you h – hi, I have a key no need to rescuers broke down the door To – And the other you have no keys? Rescuers when removing the damage […]


Some city way video

This morning the brain this morning…

brain offered me adventure 7 10, when I had to get up, he offered to take the clock back by 7 05 to Wake up at 7: 05 and again put in 7 10 to win 10 more minutes I Swear at first I thought that was the General idea

I happened to overhear at work…

Happened to me the other day to overhear at work as a colleague share with friends a piece of home in the evening, it went something like this: Yesterday I went to the room to the son, the first grader, look it in the computer plays, is something after the level has passed there the […]

Standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus, too…

Standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus, already 20 minutes. With me is a guy. At some point he decides to smoke – pulls out cigarette and lighter, to the edge of the road, peering in search of the bus and a couple of times defiantly flips a lighter on providenti hand. Nothing […]


– When you, all so disheveled and in shorts with dinosaurs appeared in the room, I just smiled. But when you walked up to the window, Heil Hitler made it unclear to someone on the street, as if waiting for an answer, he stood a little with a thoughtful look, and then he went to […]

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