Because of the circumstances…

circumstances all his life living with his grandfather who loves to tell all sorts of funny stories, here is one: “I Went to the woods for cranberries Sit, gather, watch the crow flew — “Kar” — hear, delivers the sound Well, and I than worse? (Grandfather) — “CAW! “And that went on for five minutes Then look away, and after a few moments returned with his entire flock (Raven) — “CAW! “Well, I took the basket and left, something was scary “crow — Ded 1: 0

The wife found a husband with his mistress.

The wife found a husband with his mistress. I didn’t scandal, I just said: – Sit closer to each other, I will photograph you. At the monument!


After I was told that the appearance of my eggs resembled the look of an old Rastaman, I decided to take a decisive step and buy this depilatory gel, because previous attempts at shaving were not crowned with particular success, and besides I didn’t kill my back, trying to get and reach out to particularly […]

Two years ago…

Two years ago, my daughter at Christmas, guarded by the tree, really wanted to see Santa Claus, but did not wait and fell asleep last year with my dad some kind of trap for Santa Claus set Thought come Santa Claus with gifts, fall into the trap, the noise will all Wake up and Santa […]

Wrote before, work at the mine.

Wrote before, work at the mine. The change has worked, traveled, threw the dirty robe and go to the shower. Bath accessories are stored in a separate room, each with their own (towel,washcloth,soap,shampoo). Go, pick up, bathe, get changed and put back to the next shift. Partner started to notice that the towel a day […]

Recently in the gym…

Recently at the gym I overheard a conversation between two ladies about what men are all ugly and Horny pigs, constantly staring at their Asses While making the slopes right in front of me, its their bread almost in my face And everywhere I turned, I still run Outlook on their Asses everywhere Because the […]


– When you, all so disheveled and in shorts with dinosaurs appeared in the room, I just smiled. But when you walked up to the window, Heil Hitler made it unclear to someone on the street, as if waiting for an answer, he stood a little with a thoughtful look, and then he went to […]

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