Wrote before, work at the mine.

Wrote before, at the mine. The change has worked, traveled, threw the dirty robe and go to the shower. Bath accessories are stored in a separate room, each with their own (towel,washcloth,soap,shampoo). Go, pick up, bathe, get changed and put back to the next shift.
Partner started to notice that the towel a day later is still moist and honey shampoo is a little empty. So, someone takes his equipment. The solution to it was simple : I bought 5 tubes of green stuff and put them in shampoo and went on a weekend. Through the day there at work and hear from colleagues a story about one of the senior people (not poor people).
He comes into the shower, pouring from the souls of shampoo in his hand and begins to swim, with his flowing green water in the drain.
It lasted about an hour, seen it all, who was at work that day.Never otmyvshis without from green stuff, head dressed quickly and literally ran away from the mine.
More foreign facilities, he did not take, but the nickname “Shrek” to get rid of him and failed.

Ribopyranose this topic…

Ribopyranose this is the theme I Have now has a Chinese version of this beast and he’s fucking his bottom sensors fall in case you can not remember your home and this leads to the situation that would have pleased Nietzsche the Steps I have, but in the hall there’s a rug with small areas […]

Pink Floyd

Once upon a time, a year, approximately, in 1985, a neighbor gave me a stick for smoked sausage and two imported audio tapes for my birthday. At first I thought they were clean, but in some places the voices of the children and some screams were recorded. And only a few years later I realized […]

It happened to me…

Happened to me the other day to overhear at work as a colleague share with friends a piece of home in the evening, it went something like this: yesterday I went to the room to the son, the first grader, look it in the computer plays, is something after the level has passed there the […]

Work in… Work

112 112 once a colleague has taken the following call (To a colleague, S – applicant): K – 112, the operator is so-and-so, listen to you h – hi, I have a key no need to rescuers broke down the door To – And the other you have no keys? Rescuers when removing the damage […]

Did a complicated device…

did a difficult fixture At a certain stage of disagreement – how to be that marriage does not run into Came head: -Do so! -So, here the condition is -Do I said!! Do Sobrecalentarse: -Well, why were you listening to me I simply advised Your mother

introduced the payment…

we Have in the office also introduced the payment system administrators according to the number of executed applications. And the main sysadmin is very fundamental. Betting on how he will behave: to score, to resign or to create the appearance of work. No one guessed. Crashes started to happen more often. But only those who […]

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